Veganism is one of the main gastronomic trends. Many in the world are also looking at this type of nutrition. We understand why people actively switch to a plant-based diet.
Unlike vegetarians, vegans refuse not only meat and fish, but also any animal products: milk, eggs, honey, gelatin. In addition, they do not wear clothes made of leather and fur and do not use cosmetics tested on animals. Despite strict restrictions, veganism has a huge army of fans, among them Natalie Portman, Joaquin Phoenix, Serena Williams, Mike Tyson, Ariana Grande, Ellen DeGeneres.
Veganism is contraindicated in people with chronic diseases, young children, diabetics, lactating and pregnant women. With this diet, the levels of iron, calcium, zinc, vitamins and important amino acids can decrease in the body. Therefore, before giving up meat, fish, eggs and dairy products, it is worth consulting your doctor.